Robin Caspari

I begin a piece by looking at or thinking about my subject, and recognizing what inspires me about it. I try to keep that in mind throughout the process, while letting my instinct rule how the painting is expressed. It may take two hours or two weeks to complete a painting. There are times when I am extremely traditional in the application of paint, and other times I may throw or sling my paint from across the studio. I split my time between painting en plein-air, where I study nature’s beauty, and painting self-expressionistic abstract work in the studio. My paint brush is an extension of my soul. My medium of choice is oil paint. When painting outdoors, I keep my palette simple, using cool and warm versions of red, yellow, blue and white. My abstract work calls for a mixture of mediums like metallic and luminescent paint, oil sticks or charcoal. I like the freedom and absolute honesty that painting gives me.

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