Hal Tench

After a career in advertising as Partner and Creative Director at The Martin agency, Hal Tench returned to painting full time in 2016.

Exploring a range of motifs, he stays close to the formal disciplines relevant to painting from life.  An appreciation for shallow to flat surfaces, negative space, and functional color drives his work. As does a respect for economy of means. 

His work has been awarded and or exhibited by Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts,  Penninsula Fine Arts Museum, The Muscarella Museum, The Chrysler Museum, Christopher Newport College,  and Washington and Lee University. 



New Series: Growing Things

 It may be a house plant. A tree, or some lily pads on my pond, but I have recently become interested in all things, big or small, that are in the act of growing. I use their color and forms as a jumping off place for color and design, and an energy that eventually aligns itself with the subject, but is not slavish to it. A painting, like any piece of art, must create it’s own energy. – Hal Tench