Christaphora Robeers' Studio Sale

buyRVAart and Crossroads Art Center are excited to announce Christaphora Robeers’ Studio Sale!
For a FINAL time these beautiful paintings are being offered at extremely reduced prices. This is the perfect chance to add an original Christaphora Robeers painting to your collection.
These paintings are currently exhibited at Crossroads Art Center located at 2016 Staples Mill Rd. Richmond, Virginia 23230.
About Christaphora Robeers:

Christaphora Robeers is a Dutch born fine artist currently living and working in the United States. Her work has been shown both locally and around the world in a number of galleries, museums and fine art shows. She has spent her life dedicated to researching and exploring traditional as well as contemporary artists and techniques. Making color the focus in her work, she captures the beauty of the world around us whether being the most simple of objects and still life’s to the atmosphere and saturated color seen in the landscapes that surround her.

Instagram: @christaphorarobeers